Sign Up Now: My Artist’s Way Workshop Begins September 20, 2017

According to Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People of 2017, “in the corporate world, the human factor is at the core of our advancements.”

If what you do at work can be taught, there is no doubt computers will do it one day. But if you’re cultivating your personal creativity, your future will always be bright.

In our technology-soaked lives, there is immense value and gratification in cultivating personal creativity. That’s why I’m hosting a 12-week crash course in creativity starting September 20, 2017.

About the Course

“The Artist’s Way”, called “the cynic’s self-help book” by the New Yorker, is a program based on Julia Cameron’s bestselling book designed to help you reject self-doubt and pursue creative activity not as a profession but as a form of therapy.

Who will benefit:

  • busy entrepreneurs
  • business owners
  • those who suffer from technology overwhelm
  • parents
  • grandparents
  • teachers
  • writers
  • artists and non-artists alike
  • those who wish to approach their retirement years with a renewed spirit of creativity.

A study by McKinsey & Co. that quantifies the business value of creativity found that creative companies are among the fastest growing, best earning and most innovative. See the McKinsey study here.

How is your inner artist?

Are you allowing it to live and thrive, or is it hiding in a corner like a vampire in the light of day?
Let’s try an experiment: take a moment to travel back in time. What did you look like when you were young, really young? Is it easy to see yourself with a bowl-style haircut? Wearing your favorite striped sweatshirt? Around age eight I remember wearing black leotards for a ‘cat’ halloween costume and feeling so comfortable. Why didn’t I become a fashion designer?
Remember your child’s mind. What was one of your favorite activities when you were 7 or 8 years old? As young as age 5, I remember being stuck home from Kindergarten for days when I got sick with the measles. My mother, probably tired of hearing me ask “what can I do?” gave me a stack of different colored construction paper and a stapler. Hence, I set out making folders a.k.a. giant envelopes. Although it was a wee bit repetitive, I felt productive. I had created something useful and new. It was fun doing it too. Remembering back now I see that old piano bench cover. My mom had laid it across the chair to serve as my laptop desk in my little folder making factory! That was the only time this happened. Making it an even more special memory.
Today, I have to carve out time in my calendar to create something new, special and beautiful. It doesn’t matter whether anyone else likes it. It’s using and nurturing my creativity that counts. Nurturing my inner artist self.
Based on a get together last year I’m inviting a few friends over this year to make holiday gift tags. I may come out of it with 3 decorative tags in 2 hours, but more than that, I’ll have enjoyed an evening of conversation, connection and creativity.

The Artist’s Way Workshop

I’m pleased to once again facilitate “The Artist’s Way” workshop, something I’ve enjoyed doing since 2001. It’s the best way to open yourself to exploring your creative powers – and make powerful changes that impact every area of your life.

If you’ve not heard of morning pages, you’re in for a treat. Cameron created the morning page activity and I’m not sure what she discovered, but when I follow through and write 3 pages daily I feel – even if I’ve not done anything else – that I’ve accomplished something that day. It’s a cross between venting on the page, creating new ideas on the page, and realizing possibilities for dedicated focused energy on the page.
Like physical exercise, until I do it I can’t experience the high it can give me. When I’ve done it, it makes the rest of the day terrific.
What People Say About The Artist’s Way:
“The Artist’s Way experience inspired me to re-launch my creative ventures. Following the book just one chapter per week and then meeting via telephone with the group is an excellent way to learn and be inspired.”Debra, Artist’s Way ParticipantSee More Testimonials

After participating in this workshop you too will be: 

  • MORE IN TUNE with who you are and what you want out of your work and your life
  • More willing to EXPRESS YOURSELF creatively
  • More connected to your PASSION and PURPOSE
  • More willing to take actions that INCREASE your HAPPINESS & CONTRIBUTION

I am offering all 12 sessions for $450/participant when you pay ahead (a $495 value!)

If you would like to pay-as-you-go, you can sign up for $165/month for 3 months.

BEST VALUE: I am also offering a “Buddy Discount” for a limited time! Sign up with a friend for $676 – that’s just $338/participant for the entire 12-week course!

Self-Employed? This course can typically be written off on your taxes as a professional development expense.

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