Revitalize Coaching Featured on The Transition Network

I was so honored to have my recent article on Retirement Coaching featured on The Transition Network (TTN), the premier national organization for women over 50 in transition.

As a professional retirement coach, I’ve learned that my clients facing retirement are also facing something that is perhaps more frightening than anything they’ve ever faced before: the unknown. The feeling of losing purpose, losing control over one’s life and having questions about what to live for or where to direct one’s energies are cited by my clients as the primary factors contributing to that fear.

About The Transition Network

TTN is an inclusive community of professional women, aged 50 and forward, whose changing life situations lead us to seek new connections, resources and opportunities.

Through TTN I’ve had the opportunity to participate in small group interactions, programs and workshops. TTN members truly inspire and support each other on our quest to continue a life of learning, engagement and leadership in the world.  As women nearing our retirement years, we are contemplating career transitions and what our life’s purpose will be during this time. I was honored to contribute my thoughts on the retirement planning process, and what I’ve observed as a retirement coach, to the discussion.

You can read the full article on TTN’s website here.

Retirement Coaching to Navigate Life’s Transitions

A woman with whom I worked several years ago was confident that she was going to retire from her job as an elementary school teacher in a 3-year time period. What she wasn’t sure about were:

  • her feelings about retirement; and
  • what she was going to do with her time when she wasn’t in the classroom.

After 3 months of retirement coaching with me, she began to feel less “stuck.” She was thrilled to find a sense of peacefulness and calm about her retirement. Uncovering options that aligned with her life’s purpose and values freed her to truly experience the joy, possibility and personal fulfillment that were just around the corner in her retirement.

My clients’ lives change when they seek out perspective and insight from a neutral third party, an expert in life transformation and human potential.

If you’re 10 years or fewer from retirement, this process is for you.
Revitalize Coaching provides life planning services and specialized assessment tools for individuals and couples to purposefully pursue a more fulfilling retirement life. Most thoughtful individuals have already planned for the financial aspects of their retirement. Revitalize Retirement Coaching complements the individuals’ financial retirement plans with a structured approach to explore the potentially dramatic implications to one’s personal life and create purpose and satisfaction into the retirement years. They truly can be the best years of your life! Many of my clients say that through feedback and collaboration with a trusted ally – me as their retirement coach – they’ve tapped into their most deeply-held values. I have helped clients start new careers, businesses and projects based on the things they are most passionate about. Contact me, Karen Carr, founder of Revitalize Coaching today to schedule your for a complimentary and confidential consultation.

My retirement coaching business Revitalize Coaching in Minneapolis has been dedicated to supporting individuals in creating better clarity since 2001. I help my clients make decisions about retirement for themselves, on their own terms, and with the guidance of coaching. I am certified through the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) of San Rafael, CA, hold a Master’s Degree in Teaching from the University of St. Thomas and graduated with a B.A. in Women’s Studies and English from the University of Minnesota’s College of Liberal Arts.