The Retirement Coach Explains How Titles and Roles Contribute to Our Life’s Purpose

What is in the word “retirement” for you? Today at church I made small talk with the usher who, when I asked “what’s new?” told me he’d retired just two weeks ago. He was looking forward to more time golfing and traveling. He had retired from a Chief Engineer position at a local school.

Does my usher friend need a new job title?

We know names are important to us whether they’re our given names, endearing names (when a child calls his great-grandma Gigi), or special names we may choose for ourselves.

When we’re in the working world, we also take on labels of importance. Our roles and titles are part of how we are defined. They can certainly be a point of pride in the work we do in the world. Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m a teacher”? What I hear is, “I want to help others learn more about the world.”

Managers often have a difficult time moving into retirement, even semi- or phased-retirement. So many people rely on the work they do. The gratification of that work, their title and the appreciation from others can create a kind of glue that holds them in place. How to break away without causing too much grief? Telling ourselves our next phase of life is a vital step in the process of moving forward. Redefining our title or role as we reassess our place in the journey.

Acknowledging our own language and self-talk can be an eye-opener.

How does that self-talk relate to our roles in life?

Are you a daughter? Father? Mother? Son? Auntie, Significant Other, Uncle?

We live lives of purpose and must use specific words to describe that purpose. One of my retirement coaching clients was able to use the tools from our coaching sessions to take a step up on the career ladder five years before he retired. He stated his purpose clearly, and acknowledged that a job title based on his experience and education would serve him better. This allowed him to stand in a place of confidence which, in turn, helped him move into a position that suited him better than any previous job had suited him.

According to the Dalai Lama, “the purpose of our lives is to be happy.” Do you agree with that? I do. What is one thing you will do today that will contribute to your purpose?

The Retirement Coach Can Help

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