"The Artist's Way" Teleclass: A Crash Course on Creativity

For creatives – and wannabe creatives! – who want to add more fun to their technology-soaked lives – and live from the heart. Participate by phone from the comfort of your home.

Who will benefit:

  • busy entrepreneurs
  • business owners
  • those who suffer from technology overwhelm
  • parents
  • grandparents
  • teachers
  • writers
  • artists and non-artists
  • Those who wish to approach their retirement years with a renewed spirit of creativity.

Benefits of the 12-Week Artist's Way Program

You will take away more than you can imagine from this experience:

  • Develop resourcefulness for business and life.
  • Understand how your creativity fuels and feeds you.
  • Learn and practice coaching techniques for focus and motivation.
  • Reveal hidden talents and unfulfilled dreams.
  • Blast through inhibiting blocks, fear, doubt, procrastination, self-criticism and perfectionism.
  • Spur your imagination, get the creative juices flowing.
  • Tap into and fulfill your unique contribution in this world.

After taking this workshop you will be:

  • MORE IN TUNE with who you are and what you want out of your work and your life
  • More willing to EXPRESS YOURSELF creatively
  • More connected to your PASSION and PURPOSE
  • More willing to take actions that INCREASE your HAPPINESS & CONTRIBUTION



Facilitator: Karen Carr, ACC, CPCC, M. Ed Life Coach, Creative Writer

Minneapolis, Minnesota

“I’m pleased to once again offer The Artist’s Way workshop, something I’ve enjoyed doing since 2001. It’s best way to open yourself to exploring your creative powers – and make powerful changes that impact every area of your life.”

your contribution is born of your creativity

The desire to create is one of the deepest longings of the human soul. Some say it is our highest calling.

 “The Artist’s Way”, called “the cynic’s self-help book” by the New Yorker, is a popular life-improvement workshop based on Julia Cameron’s bestselling book designed to help you reject self-doubt and pursue creative activity not as a profession but as a form of therapy.

FAQs about this phone-in weekly course:

Q: Do I have to be an artist to join?
A: NO! I’ve found as a life and retirement coach that it’s those of us non-artists who typically need a reminder to fuel ourselves with creativity. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, working on a side-hustle or just want to give your life a little more color and pep, The Artist’s Way is a fantastic way to fuel all of these exploits and more.

Q: Is it a lecture?
A: NO! It’s so much better, and this is why I’ve been excited to facilitate the Artist’s Way for the past 17 years. This is a collaborative learning environment, where the collective creates something so much better than any of us could create on our own. Every group is different and everyone brings something new to the table.

Q: Can I miss a session?
A: ABSOULTELY! This is a 12-week program, but life happens. If you need to miss a session, I will follow up with you to provide you with a summary of the content and discussion for that week.

Q: Can I bring a friend?
A: YES! I would love you to invite your friends to partake in this fabulous experience – it even makes a great gift. To encourage friends to join, I’m offering a Buddy Discount through Friday January 12. Visit my website’s Events page (link below) to learn more.

“When we do what we are meant to do, money comes to us, doors open for us, we feel useful and the work feels like play to us.” -Julia Cameron

“A crash course on creativity.” Participate from the comfort of your home in a 12-week, 60-minute in-depth discussion learning from Julia Cameron’s book.

Creativity is hot right now, and for good reason. If what you do at work can be taught, there is no doubt computers will do it one day. That’s why your creativity is so key. There is immense, well-documented business value in building it. If you are self-employed, this class can be written off as professional development expense. 


What people say about this process

Karen helped me take a fresh look at some old ideas. She facilitated a fun and educational experience as she guided our small group through the Artist’s Way book. As a business owner, creativity is a must to master my day to day operations. Tapping into the exercises in the book proved to be worthwhile as I reassessed the ever-evolving world and my movement in it. Thank you Karen for facilitating the fun and the learning!

-Peggy Johnson, Owner, PointMap

The Artist’s Way experience inspired me to re-launch my creative ventures. Following the book just one chapter per week and then meeting via telephone with the group is an excellent way to learn and be inspired.

-Debra, Artist's Way Participant

Now I am scheduling writing into my weekly schedule and am developing a new idea for speaking. Working with Karen is like a fresh spring breeze coming through the window.

-Jane Scheidnes, Owner, The Art of Organizing

Don’t miss this “crash course on creativity” facilitated by Top Minneapolis Life Coach Karen Carr of Revitalize Coaching, LLC.