Question: The Retirement Coach Wants to Know, Where Will You Live When You Retire?

(Answer: In Your Healthy, Happy Body!)

Good health is the best retirement gift we can give to ourselves!

Yet so many middle-age and mature Americans are afflicted with a sedentary lifestyle, diabetes and obesity. Our risk for these health problems grows as we age, and they know no socioeconomic boundaries.

Karen Carr, ACC, CPCC, M. Ed and “The Retirement Coach” is here to tell you: you can and must exercise your right to a healthy, happy retirement! 

The transition to retirement can create isolation, a lack of focus and an inability to get into a healthy routine for many. Retirement coaching will help you uncover the skills that will carry you into the best years of your life with vibrancy, good health and a positive mental state. 

  • Discover the simple keys to staying active & eating right.
  • Take steps to ensure you have the happiness, energy and optimism you deserve during what can be the best years of your life.
  • Create strategies to cope if you or your partner has a health setback. 

Wishing You a Happy, Healthy Retirement!

-Retirement Coach Karen Carr, ACC, CPCC, M. Ed 

Retirement coaching is an ongoing professional, confidential relationship that enhances your ability to make changes, and achieve the goals you desire. The structure of coaching is customized specifically to your desires.  

Retirement Coaching Will Help You:

 “Karen’s support has proved invaluable,  enabling me to know I have chosen the right course of action. Thanks to her, I feel relaxed, and in control of my options. I also recognize that your service provides timely inspiration when it’s needed most.” -Tim W., Life Coaching Client                      

Is Retirement Coaching for You?

Everyone needs a coach.”

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