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If you’re not as happy as you’d like to be in your relationship, you may think that you or your partner – or both – have fallen out of love. I’ve found that, most likely, you’ve simply fallen into bad or repetitive habits.

These habits, day in and day out, cause the good intimacy in your relationship to erode – to the point that your negative experiences start to outnumber the good ones.


As a transformation leader and life coach with over 30+ years experience, I want to wipe out the notion that creating a good relationship is hard work. In fact, I think you should stop "working" on your relationship all together. Working on your relationship? For life? Who wants that? I don't! I believe my marriage is happy and healthy precisely because I don't work on my relationship. Instead, I CREATE my harmonious relationship simply through creating and implementing healthy relationship habits, which, by the way, increase the fun quotient in ALL my relationships! Like you, I'm a really busy person. I know you'll be happy to learn that these habits don't take much time at all. But, like eating right, daily exercise or brushing our teeth, they keep relationship problems from taking hold.

Relationship Coaching Will Help You:

In any relationship, conflict and anger can increase, become self-perpetuating, and seemingly unavoidable. You feel compelled to criticize each other, the resentment grows, and partners feel they simply can’t get past it.

Relationship breakdowns are painful, but they can actually be a good thing. I believe we can use any crisis as a springboard to a whole new level of intimacy in your relationship

You have the power to transform your relationship. You can do it with your partner, or you can initiate the change all by yourself.

Is Relationship Coaching for You?

Everyone needs a coach.”

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