“Karen’s services of life coaching were purchased for me as a gift from a friend. He knew I needed it, I didn’t think I did. I had confidence in my ability to plan and stay focused and confidence in my network of friends and family for support. However, my traction towards my future goal was moving at a slower pace than desirable. Karen’s life coaching services turned out to be immensely beneficial! I worked with Karen for just a brief month as my coach and I now have learned some life-long tools to keep my goals on track and knowledge of how to access additional tools if I were to need them in the future. Karen helped me create a concrete plan which is pivotal to success. Her services are invaluable!” -Rachael, R.N.

“When I first met Karen, I had a hard time focusing on the future and what I wanted to accomplish. With Karen’s life coaching I was able to articulate my wants and needs to my supervisor during a time of upheaval in my work life. Karen helped me prepare for the meeting so that I felt confident, positive and decisive.” -Patricia, Magazine Editor

“Karen brings a unique and personable approach to her coaching. She truly cares about her clients and knows how to connect with them individually, to help them go to the next level in any specific area in their life!” -Erik Nockleby Diamond, National Spokesperson EvolvHealth B1N2.org

“Karen helped me prioritize goals, and encouraged me to select the steps to realize them. She has great integrity, personable, and the skills to motivate and expand my possibilities. Results are continually happening.” -Norris Waalen, President, Runestone Wealth Advisors LLC & Norris Waalen CPA, Greater Minneapolis St. Paul

“Karen Carr is an insightful, understanding, and accepting life coach. She helps me realize what steps to take next in my life and brings those ideas out of me with honesty and kindness. Now I am scheduling writing into my weekly schedule and am developing a new idea for speaking. Working with Karen as a life coach is like a fresh spring breeze coming through the window.” -Jane Scheidnes, Owner, The Art of Organizing, Greater Minneapolis St. Paul

“Karen is a great coaches’ coach. She was my mentor coach while in graduate school and pursuing my coaching certificate. Her peaceful style and homework that was created for my style of thinking (questions to ponder over the week) worked well for finding the answers and direction I needed.” -Mera Colling, MA, LPCC, Psychotherapist at Secure Base Counseling Center, Northfield, Minnesota

“Karen and I met at a coffee shop for the first time, and then she coached me over the phone. I found her to be sincere, caring and a strong relationship builder- all characteristics needed in a life coach. Truly a nice person.” -Bonnie Bakkum, Bakkum Life Construction LLC, Greater Minneapolis St. Paul

“One of the best one hour conversations ever!” -Cheryle Melander, Dean of Academics and Students at Parnassus Preparatory School, St. Mary’s University of Minnesota