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Revitalize Coaching provides life planning services and specialized assessment tools for individuals and couples to purposefully pursue a more fulfilling retirement life. "My job as a retirement coach is to complement your financial retirement plan with a structured approach to planning what can be the best years of your life." - Certified Minneapolis Life Coach Karen Carr, Founder, Revitalize Coaching


Karen Carr: Certified Life Coach, Minneapolis | Certified Professional Retirement Coach, ACC, CPCC, M. Ed

retirement coaching on your terms

Effective Life Coaching in Minneapolis

  • Certified Life & Retirement Coach Karen Carr will hold you hand each step of the way so you achieve the success you're after. 
  • Minneapolis Life Coach Karen Carr has been providing life coaching to Minneapolis professionals, Moms, retirees, couples and people approaching retirement at since 2001. Check out testimonials from her happy clients here.
  • Karen Carr will make a difference in your life. With top-notch life coach certifications & education, she has been cited by various publications around the web.
  • Karen Carr's life coaching process, including assessments and proven life coaching tools, guarantees that you'll see results after only one session!


Is retirement coaching right for you? Request your 30-minute retirement coaching consult with Karen Carr now.

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Retiring in the Next 10 Years

The path to retirement is not as clear-cut as it once was. The old vision of the rocking chair or the golf course is outdated, but where do we go from here? If you are retiring in the next 10 years, this process is for you.


About to retire

Besides the year you were born, statistically, what year are you most physically vulnerable? The year after you retire. As a professional retirement coach, I’ve noticed that my clients are also facing something that is more frightening than anything they’ve ever faced before: the unknown. If you are about to retire, contact me today.


During Retirement

Retirement has a lot of moving pieces and it’s hard to figure out. People go into their retirement with the best of intentions, but find they quickly unravel as a wide range of thoughts and feelings surface that aren’t always fun or easy to talk about, let alone work through.

Group Coaching & Life Coaching Workshops

You will take away more than you can imagine from "The Artist's Way" Workshop:

  • Develop resourcefulness for business & life.
  • Understand how your creativity fuels and feeds you.
  • Learn & practice coaching techniques for focus and motivation.
  • Reveal hidden talents & unfulfilled dreams.
  • Blast through inhibitors like fear, doubt, procrastination, self-criticism & perfectionism.
  • Spur your imagination, get the creative juices flowing.
  • Tap into your unique contribution in this world.

benefits of retirement coaching

Leverage your strengths

Most people spend their lives trying to fix their weaknesses. Let coaching with Minneapolis retirement coach Karen Carr show you how to discover - and leverage - your passions, interests & strengths during your retirement years.

Achieve Your Goals

Even in retirement, we can have meaningful goals! Know where you want to be, but facing obstacles to get there? Tired of living to please others or putting your desires on the back-burner? This is the time to assess what's getting in your way and finally live life on your terms. Contact Minneapolis retirement coach Karen Carr for a complimentary consult.

Live By Your Values

When you’re seeking validation, approval or wanting to be seen as a great friend, leader, spouse, parent or person, it’s a drain of energy, authenticity and a time suck away from your cause. Becoming a powerful person starts with self-awareness and a firm grasp of your core values. Work with Karen Carr, the retirement coach, to uncover and live by your values during these crucial years.

Karen Carr is Certified Professional Co-Active Coach® (CPCC) from the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) of San Rafael, CA. She is an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaches Federation (ICF) and holds a Master’s Degree in Teaching from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. She also graduated with a B.A. in Women’s Studies and English from the University of Minnesota's College of Liberal Arts.

Live Your Best Life

Focus on your values and find the help you need to assess your obstacles and move beyond them. Learn more about Karen’s coaching success.

Be Your Best You

Embrace your authentic self and find the fulfillment and joy you’ve been searching for. Contact Revitalize Coaching to schedule your complimentary initial consult today.

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